Why ECOru?

We understand the operational complexities of managing a financial business, because we have been there and done that.

The Story of ECOru Banking & Finance Solution

In 2016 a group of bankers in fields of microfinance, SME, finance, commercial & specialized banking got together from different parts of the world to solve one common issue the entire Financial Service Providers (FSPs) were facing at the time and mostly now as-well. The issue was the legacy core banking systems with inferior technology which were built to lock financial service providers into an inflexible business environment. Further, how these FSPs are suffering being locked out from connecting to third party digital financial solutions to grow their businesses and be competitive by reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience. Since, more than twenty five highly dedicated domain experts, best software solution architects and developers worked tirelessly to give birth to ECOru. Now, FSPs can adapt & evolve to be future proof always with ECOru.

In this extremely competitive & constantly changing space of the financial services sector, the FSPs require a dynamic core banking system which has the following characteristics; highly parameterized, scalable on demand and serves as the benchmark for the industry standards. ECOru checks all those system characteristics and further facilitates an eco-system of digital services to the community via open banking.

Another advantage of ECOru is the fast and flexible assembly of independent systems on a ‘cloud’ which grants the opportunity for organizations to build on a dynamic platform with intuitive, responsive features that can be quickly and continuously updated merely via the internet. Especially in this day & age, it is very important that businesses can digitally transform and operate remotely to seamlessly manage back office operations, so your team can focus more on customers by providing a high level of service. Moreover, your business is not affected by the market and travel conditions that limit access to physical servers.

We have continuously worked from inception to build ECOru to reach new heights. We have faced many challenges both practically and technically. However, our passion got us here to deliver a product in which, you the FSP, today have the benefit of experiencing; one of the first & best cloud native core banking systems in the world developed in Sri Lanka.

ECOru - Banking & Finance Solution has reached the pinnacle of maturity by domain know-how, technological superiority and smart design & architecture. ECOru is your growth partner which scales up with your banking business & ensures sustainability which in turn assures your commercial success.

ECOru, the best that your investment could buy!